Mille Miglia GTB Restorations 2016

Mille Miglia GTB Restorations 2016

1000 miles 


Ensuring a car is ready for any race is no easy task, but when asked to prepare a car to race 1000 miles in front of 7 million spectators lining the historic route………….…..well that is a challenge.

A challenge we certainly wanted to be involved in and one we relished.

This Ferrari 250 GT  Europa  is one of the most important cars in the history of the prancing horse, 1 of 34 250 GT Europas built, it was entered into several period events by Ferraris most famous concessionaire Ecurie Francorchamps, driven by Olivier Gendebien.

Racing in period events such as Cote de la Roche and Liege Rome Liege Rally and driven by Gendebien and more recently events such as Tour Auto, Mille Miglia, Liege Rome Liege and La Carrara Panamericana the car had shown it was up to the challenge.

Our single goal was to ensure the car would be reliable enough to make it to the finishing line.  A meticulous plan involving forward thinking for every eventuality was drawn up, and we set to work at our dedicated restoration and servicing workshop.

The car had a full assessment to ensure it ran perfectly, many hours spent fine tuning and on-road testing ensuring every last detail was covered.  Additional items such as extra cooling fans were fitted (without the need for drilling or marking any panels) so the car had extra support during waiting periods in traffic.

Completing the gruelling 1000 mile journey we're pleased to say the car ran superbly having started 383rd it finished positively in 309th. 

We look forward to planning for 2017 and if we can help with preparation for an event please make contact.....